Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ray Hood, CEO Qumu

Ran across a great interview with Ray Hood, CEO of Qumu from the good folks at FierceOnlineVideo. They caught up Hood to discuss the company's progress so far this year, its plans for the future, and what trends and highlights he sees in the online video industry.

Below are two excerpts from the conversation that particularly relates to our work with Enterprise. We welcome you to visit the entire article here.

FierceOV: Are there specific verticals where you are seeing greater uptake of enterprise video?

Hood: No specific vertical comes to mind as adopting much more quickly than others, but the size of the company is a factor. The larger enterprises are leading the way on adoption of streaming video, and we'll see that continue as we roll out products that allow for scheduling streaming video direct from calendars. The companies we've seen with the clearest benefits from our products have more than 5,000 employees and are geo-distributed.

FierceOV: What do you think the next "big thing" in enterprise video might be?

Hood: I think the convergence of technologies and ease of use with video will continue. For instance, an executive wants to have an event, he has three technologies at his disposal, what is the best choice: Qumu, Polycom or LiveMeeting? I think we need a clear and smooth transition to automatic selection of the best choice, given the present circumstances and what the exec wants to achieve with the meeting.

On the streaming side, I think the acceptance and adoption of H.264 as the standard will reduce latency in streaming events, and eventually, you'll be able to call on someone at a remote location to address a group in a multi-cast.

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