Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Web Seminar by Tony Byrne of CMS Watch - Enterprise Social Software: Ready for Prime Time?

In anticipation of the IT Leadership Forum this November we are putting on several webinars. This is the 1st in the series in which Tony Bryne from CMS Watch will be presenting "Enterprise Social Software: Ready for Prime Time?" on Thursday August 13th from 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT. Here's a brief description of the event:

You can now find numerous case studies of successful departmental implementations of various social software technologies, such as wikis, blogs, forums, tags, micro-blogs, and so forth. However, extending those projects to enterprise-wide initiatives gets trickier.

Noted independent analyst and evaluation firm CMS Watch will explain how the challenge in enterprise deployments stems partly from immature technology. Many social computing tools – even from large, established vendors – lack key functionality. But the rest of the challenge lies in organizational factors, including common barriers to adoption.

This seminar will assess today’s social software and collaboration marketplace and offer concrete advice about how to select the right tool for your circumstances. It will also share best practices in enterprise deployment and adoption of social technology.

What you will learn by attending:
- Key success factors for enterprise-wide social software roll-outs
- How the enterprise social software marketplace breaks down into six categories
- Strengths and weaknesses of some of the major vendors
- How to pick the right tools for your enterprise
- What the future holds for 2010

Featured Speaker
Tony Byrne, Founder, CMS Watch

Make sure to mention priority code G1M2114W1BLOG when registering.
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Jessica said...

Even for those who are not as internet-savvy, it is easy to use an open CMS for your daily tasks.