Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Should IT Directors View Enterprise 2.0 as a Process or Solution?

Oscar Berg recently posted on the content economy how he views enterprise 2.0 should be viewed as a process and not a solution. Oscar gives an example of how web 2.0 and social media are built on a core of values including honesty, participation, trust, and openness. But, if we were to just dump the solutions and applications from social media into a corporate setting people would not just start sharing and collaborating. The main reasoning behind this is because the same values that we find outside of work are not found in the corporate environment. Oscar includes a great quote from Gil Yehuda's enterprise 2.0 blog:

I don’t believe “Enterprise 2.0″ is a solution, I believe it is a description. I agree with the bold statement in Sameer Patel’s post: Enterprise 2.0 is a state that Enterprises achieve by employing an appropriate set of social computing concepts. I word it my way: “Enterprise 2.0 describes a transformed organization.”

Do you agree with Oscar that enterprise 2.0 has to been seen as a process instead of a tool?

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