Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Social Productivity: One Company’s Name for Enterprise 2.0

As we all know, this current “2.0” fad will eventually wear off. It won’t be hip, and we’ll begin to look for a word that can replace this collaboration revolution that’s going on in the business world.

The Go Big Always blog recently wrote about this fad. They set out to use a new name that wouldn’t be out of date come the mid-2010s. They believed adding “social” to the beginning of the word let it start off as an extremely negative word, because then it sounds like nothing is productive.

We saw this with the “e”s of the mid 1990s. Many of the words are familiar: email, e learning, e bay, e commerce, and so forth and so on.

However, they have begun to use a new term. “Social productivity” is now to them what “Enterprise 2.0” is to the rest of the world.

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