Friday, February 1, 2008

Web 2.0: Being Adopted by a Company Near You

In a recent article at CIO, they address the new report by Forrester. Web 2.0 strategies are being slowly picked up by enterprises. Employees want to use them, too.

"A lot of CIOs and CEOs are starting to get the message that employees want these tools," says Oliver Young, the Forrester analyst who authored the report. "There also isn't a good way to stop them from using them."

According to CIO, out of 1000 companies, 18% of IT employees said that adapting Web 2.0 into their business would take priority.

One of the most commonly adapted tools will be RSS feeds and Enterprise Social Networks. Out of these companies 12% planned to adapt some type of an RSS feed, and an addition 15% would invest in the technology. As for social networks, 7% of enterprises would like to adapt them. Wikis and blogs, the other technologies at the heart of Enterprise 2.0, are also gaining speed. Sixteen percent of companies are considering pilots or initial investments into the growing technology.

As for the tools, traditional companies will most likely use Microsoft Sharepoint and IBM’s Lotus Connection. Companies looking to save some money will go with smaller names, such as Jive Software, Awareness and Atlassian.


Anonymous said...


In terms of products, don't forget those that add Web 2.0 into existing environments - on top of Sharepoint/ .NET like us for example!

Just like Connections is the community tool for Lotus, we are the community tool for Sharepoint/ .NET.


Jennifer said...

Eric - Thanks for reading our blog! We realize that for many corporations it will be providers like your company who bridge the gap between current Intranet/Portal infrastructure and pure Web 2.0. I imagine that you offer these organizations examples of ROI for incorporating solutions such as yours. We welcome the chance to hear more from you about how your help these organization successfully integrate such a solution and incorporate Enterprise 2.0 capabilities.