Monday, February 11, 2008

Tiinker….soon to replace your Digg?

In a new article at Read Write Webb, they discuss the new Australian application that will rate web pages for you. Contrary to what Google is looking to work toward and what Digg does, Tiinker results are completely generated by A-I technology.

According to the news articles you rate, it will show you other articles that interest you. After you rate items, your account (or cookie, no need to log in), will begin recognizing what your preferences are. Emails and feeds are available to your data generated based on the articles you enjoy. There is even a new taste function which will give you new articles on topics you might enjoy.

The content is generated to your interest, and no one else has an influence. This appeals to me, because I find information based on organic searches that are influenced by what is in the document. It could be a great supplement to my Google Reader. Do you think that this is a good way to go about bookmarking and reading new articles? Although it isn’t social, it can lead you to find more sites you personally think are interesting. Does this have room in this quickly evolving technological world?

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