Thursday, January 31, 2008

Xythos: Extending its Collaboration Efforts

In a recent news article Xythos announced its release of Xythos Enterprise Document Management and Digital Locker 7.0 Suites. Xythos is known for their collaboration software, but these new suites offer support for Web 2.0 features such as RSS feeds, content tagging, and Wikis.

We have seen major launches in enterprise social networking in this New Year, such as Moli and Plaxo Pulse, so it’s about time companies like Xythos offer a web based solution to support this trend. Joseph Cevetello, Director of Academic Technology at Loyola Marymount University comments:

"While it may be acceptable for to use Google or Facebook for casual collaboration or media exchange, we still want to manage the services employees use to conduct vital research or manage important business processes."

Sharing content within the Enterprise is essential for daily operations of a business. Not only does it allow for document collaboration through a common web interface, but it is cheaper than most ECM systems currently out there. Kevin Wiggen, CTO at Xythos mentions:

"With the new 7.0 product suites we wanted to make sure customers had the tools they needed to capture content at the point of collaboration, so that they could retain complete records of business processes and enhance knowledge sharing."

Finally companies are starting to embrace Web 2.0 capabilities in the enterprise, instead of trying to restrict it. Vendors still have a long way to go, but clearly Xythos seems to be on track…

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