Friday, January 25, 2008

Five Challenges to address right now for Enterprises

A recent post at Profy, they draw an analogy between the way the Marines are adapting to the new war in Iraq to the way enterprises must adapt to the fast changing ways of technology in the enterprise environment.

Companies must respond quickly to the way Web 2.0 is changing businesses. In this post, they outlined five ways to do so.

1) Outsourcing partnerships – Venders are now strategic partners who participate in where the enterprise is going. However, it is difficult to fluidly collaborate with other partners on a daily business.
2) Hyper-informed customers – Today, with access to the interest, information spreads at the speed of light. This combined with the fact that customers accept and absorb the information really fast, companies must acknowledge this. Companies must join the conversation on the internet or be left out.
3) True globalization -- Companies are world wide now, and the competition they find across the globe is sought by many companies through out the world. Adapting to international situations is key for a company to survive.
4) Communication and collaboration across distributed teams: A team must communicate openly and have the same vision for the company. All the tools we’ve been writing about, the Enterprise 2.0 tools, help this process. The promotion of collaboration and the ability to share it quickly are a great way to meet struggle #4.
5) The dominance of search: SEO. SEO must be a priority to any enterprise. Because in the eye of the buyer, if you aren’t on the first page of Google, you don’t exist.

These trends are here to say. Either a corporation must adapt to them now, or fall behind in the future.

What is you’re companies biggest weakness when it comes to these five challenges?

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