Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Twitter Watch Out!

Matt Mullenweg’s new post introduces Automattic’s launch of Prologue, which is a Twitter style service for groups. Could this new platform give Twitter a run for its money?

In Prologue, users are able to input short messages about what they’re doing…sort of like the status portion on the Facebook application. What’s interesting though is the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds for the author, the prologues, and the tags itself. So why is all this important? Prologue’s service will allow users to connect to each other on a personal level.

Prologue is offering their template on an open source basis, whereas Twitter offers a centralized service. With these differences in hand it will be interesting to see how the newcomer Prologue will do against the established Twitter. After all, Twitter has already knocked out competitors like Jaiku…

So what does this mean for the Enterprise? Twitter in general has not been significantly used by enterprises, but these tools and features in Prologue give industry users a chance to determine what they truly find useful. And what will happen to corporate executives who rely heavily on their blackberries for one to one communication. How will social blog sites like Prologue and Twitter help businesses shape and improve on group communications?

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