Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 on the Move!

It brings shear satisfaction when I get word that companies are beginning to embrace the Web 2.0 movement, despite some of its skepticism it has received regarding office efficiency within the past couple of months. While reading CIO Today’s article we can still see that many businesses still block access to social networking sites like Facebook that hinder business development and effective collaboration between employees. The informality of blogs, social networking sites, and wikis attract the brightest employees and maximizes internal communications.

Fortunately, we see giants like Gartner, an I.T. research firm, embrace Web 2.0 tools and applications. This is how Jorge Lopez, industry research chief at Gartner, defines a business in the new age:

"A high-performance workplace combines technologies, processes and management so workers can create more value. This area integrates multiple technology perspectives, including collaboration, information access, content and knowledge management, messaging, portals, e-learning and productivity tools."

With the growing number of young executives entering corporate America, Web 2.0 tools will become more and more accepted as time goes on, especially with industry giants such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and now Gartner making bold moves. The key is to keep employees motivated, and that means giving them full access to exploit blogs, wikis, and social networking sites.

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