Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moli: The next big step in social networking

A recent article in EWeek discusses the launch of the new social networking site, Moli.

Christos Cotsakos, who was the CEO of E*Trade for six years, developed Moli to fully adapt to a social network for everyone. Moli is targeting engineers, architects, scientist and filmmakers. Cotsakos is targeting people in the age range of 25 to 55.

The focus of the website is to have more control over the information that is shared with other members. One account can have multiple profiles, and they can be set on settings of public, private or hidden. This technology is possible because of CoVibe. According to the article, CoVibe:
CoVibe, crafted from the open-source LAMP stack, analyzes aggregate member data and triggers targeted behavioral marketing while protecting the member's personal information.
Future plans include upgrading the network so it can be used on mobile phones.

Do you think that this service will surpass Facebook? Does it have the ability to LinkedIn? I think that this program could surpass Facebook, only after challenging a market that is very overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Would you adapt to a new platform if it allowed you to have two different profiles for all your contacts?

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