Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ImageNow to Interact With Microsoft SharePoint

Perceptive Software’s ImageNow, an enterprise document management application, recently announced its release of ImageNow Interact for Microsoft Sharepoint. This article on PrimeNewswire explains how the integration will work. ImageNow documents will be hosted in SharePoint portals in order to provide direct access to employees, all that is needed is a secure internet connection. Matt Prentis, Perceptive Software manager of enterprise products and solutions, mentions:

"Interact for Microsoft SharePoint represents a significant addition to the ImageNow Interact product suite by providing a steadfast integration between the SharePoint and ImageNow platforms. Best-of-breed features from each environment can now be presented in a single, cohesive interface, delivering content to audiences at any scale."

PrimeNewswire gives the example of HR staff being able to effectively manage and update employee records. Think about it for a second, HR forms can easily be hosted on SharePoint portals where employees can easily access and update their information, thus eliminating unnecessary assistance from the HR staff. Well, what do you know, Web 2.0 tools in the enterprise does save time, money, and resources!

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