Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Businesses turning to blogs for promotion

In a recent article by Bill Ives, he discusses how many businesses are turning to new media to advertise. He references Steve Rubel who points out that every company can effectively market on the Internet if they put some resources into the effort. But the most important reason companies are turning to blogs is because customers are trying to avoid advertising and now have the tools to do this such as TiVos, DVRs, and satellite radio.

This is where the blogs are the most effective. This is where users solicit the enterprise for a specific purpose. It is a perfect place to start a blog and communicate with your community exactly what your company stands for and what your can contribute. A recent post in the Content Economy has recently listed the key things that need to be in place for an enterprise to effectively start running a corporate blog: easy access, ease of use, single point of administration, freedom of choice, mobility, and tagging. Is one of these things holding your corporate blog back?

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