Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coghead: A Step in the Right Path

The latest post on the CogBlog introduces Coghead’s latest Web-based enterprise-application development service called Coghead 2.0. What’s interesting about this new user interface is that it will include features such as new drag and drop widgets, support for Open ID, and a new redesigned authoring environment.

Coghead is also now hosted on Amazon.com, so that let’s businesses know that they are storing their data with Amazon, not some start-up company. This platform makes it easy to develop applications that run on Amazon’s infrastructure.

Coghead brings a cost-effective way to manage applications in the Enterprise. The new customizable platform will keep things simple for people who are not IT experts. Coghead has delivered Web 2.0 ease of use for the new year, is your company taking advantage?

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