Thursday, January 31, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 and your workforce: Start offline

In a recent post by Scott Gavin, he discusses how to get your enterprise up and rolling along the Enterprise 2.0 front. After a lot of consulting with many companies, he decided you have to approach your employees in a form they already know. Here were his six suggestions on how to get your employees involved:

1. Give them business cards with tiny bits of information about what enterprise 2.0 is.
2. Print out signs that detail aspects of E 2.0 and place them in high traffic areas so employees begin to understand what it is.
3. Print out posters that give encouragement.
4. Start to pass out handouts that give guidelines on how to use the tools that your company is trying to adapt.
5. Bring experts into your workplace and have them give speeches and educate your staff.
6. Organize internal meetings such as “Lunch 2.0” when you can personally discuss with your staff what to do.

Now you have your employees interested. Keep them intrigued and by giving them more information. Your company is on the way to achieving Enterprise 2.0!

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