Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Affordable CRM Application are in the Air

Zoho is at it again! Recently we posted about their latest launch of Zoho People, which helped Human Resource department keep track of all their employees within a secure intranet. So what has Zoho been up to at their labs since the launch of Zoho People?

They’ve launched Zoho CRM – Enterprise Edition. We all know that Zoho CRM’s direct competition is, but this latest edition claims to be over eight times less expensive than the Salesforce version. Here are some enhancements to Zoho CRM that the Zoho blog mention:

  • Introduction of Role-based Security Administration
  • Enhancements in product Customiation & Data Administration
  • Multi-language Support (11 Languages)
  • SSL Support for Professional & Enterprise Versions
  • Integration with Zoho Sheet

The most interesting capability in my opinion is the introduction of Role-based Security Administration. This application makes it easier to manage access of employees within organizations with multiple levels. Employees can be classified into different groups and profiles, which can keep managerial documentation away from those who should not have access to such information.

I expect to come up with a follow-up version of their own application soon, since Zoho has launched a similar app. with all the same features, but at a fraction of the cost.


arvind said...

Thiago : Thanks for taking note of the Zoho CRM Enterprise release & the nice review!


Thiago said...

Not a problem Arvind. Please keep us updated on any new future ventures Zoho has in store for us.

arvind said...

Sure, Thiago. Subscribe here & you'll get news updates from Zoho.

- Arvind