Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Social Application Language…Foreign to the Enterprise

Web 2.0 applications are too often described as “social”, and the Enterprise still does not see business benefits in that word. After all, it’s hard for organizations to find business value in the term social.

Tom Foremski’s latest post on ZdNet explains how Eugene Lee, CEO of SocialText, is trying to communicate business benefits of Web 2.0 technology like the enterprise wiki. Eugene comes from a long background of dealing with enterprise companies, and so he should bring forth a lot of exciting ideas to the table.

Eugene Lee mentions:

“Businesses look for solutions and that’s what SocialText is in the business of providing,”

According to his quote, SocialText will need to get businesses past the idea of “social” in order for executives to realize the potential social applications hold. Convincing corporate management to involve social tools within their organization has long been a conflict. We’ve recently written a post on communicating business benefits of Enterprise 2.0 to management, it’s a must read for those still trying to implement Web 2.0 tools that most executives feel is foreign ideology. Hopefully, Eugene along with others, can bring an enterprise perspective to help shape where social tools are heading in the business realm…

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