Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tips to Communicate Benefits of Enterprise 2.0

So upper management still doesn’t recognize the huge disadvantage that the organization is in because of their lack of involvement…What do you do? I came across this list of preparation tools on Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist that can help any employee before giving the “social media can benefit our company” speech.

Here’s a recap of those tools, first off things you should avoid:

  1. Tools will always need someone to look after itself, so don’t claim that it will not need an additional resource.
  2. Don’t plan on getting rid of old systems and replacing them with social media apps…Web 2.0 tools should assist other systems collaboratively and aid in communication, not by replacing them.

Now on to communicating benefits of Enterprise 2.0 to dreaded management:

  1. Relate current practices and existing processes that social media tools can take over. Show them how much easier and effective the process is made by switching to Web 2.0 tools.
  2. Look for Enterprise 2.0 success stories within your industry. After corporate execs see this, it might ease their mind in adapting to social media technology. After all, no one wants to be behind competitors in what they are doing.
  3. Think of creative ways to bring forth all of your ideas. You must be able to convey the importance of social media apps, and the difference it can bring to the table. Lame PowerPoint presentations and standard pitches have all been done too often. Stand out!

If this can’t get people to see the value of Web 2.0 tools within the Enterprise, then I don’t know what will…What other tips have you used to persuade management?

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