Friday, March 7, 2008

Apple, Oh Apple

In our recent post we discussed how the iPhone has finally tailored its own LinkedIn application on its mobile phone, but when will Apple adapt to other enterprise apps. Larry Dignan’s latest entry marvels at how Apple is still trailing its counterpart Microsoft within the enterprise realm.

When will we see the iPhone compete with the Blackberry in terms of corporate exchange mail servers, clearly Apple still has a long way to go. The iPhone is no doubt the most aesthetically pleasing mobile phone out there, but its enterprise functionality is still lacking. Catching the subway to work everyday makes me realize how popular the iPhone has become amongst corporate executives, but its mobile technology will have to adapt to the growing need of enterprise apps. Steve Jobs has a track record of appealing to consumer markets, but it is time for a change. It is not enough to just tailor an enterprise social networking site, they must do more…

We will not see an influx of Mac OS X servers in the enterprise anytime soon, but Apple most start somewhere. So I’ll turn back to a question posed by Larry Dignan…Apple, is it 25 years too late?

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