Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Are Wikis Unlike IT?

Applications within the enterprise have generally become standardized due to restrictions being put into place by IT. After all, it is easier to conform to one set technology instead of having wide-spread chaos and security conflicts. The wiki though, is a special Web 2.0 tool that differentiates itself from the pack, since it is a collaborative effort. This post written by Michael from the Transparent Office came into my inbox this morning, and it lists several factors for the differences between adoption of the wiki versus standardized enterprise software.

Here four factors he lists:

  1. Every individual team or even a single person can take away business benefits from using wikis. Enterprise applications must generally be used on a larger mass scale in order to see business value.
  2. Wikis are not standardized! It sparks up collaboration between different teams.
  3. While it is easy to force enterprise apps and systems onto employees, someone will only use a wiki if they want to. An alternative to wikis are email…
  4. Michael just recently updated this last factor…Wikis are easy to launch and very cheap to sustain. IT is not needed to maintain a wiki system while other more complex business applications require more management.

So what do we take from this? Wikis are a cost effective way to communicate and share ideas within the enterprise, but it can not be standardized in organizations. Business benefits and ease of use must be obvious to employees, or else there will be no reason to use it…

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