Monday, March 24, 2008

Follow…Do not be Followed!

How many people out there still think the secret to Twitter is to be followed? This used to be the by way of thinking, before I stumbled upon this latest post on the Scobleizer blog. Robert is right on the money when he explains why being followed is not so important. Here’s a quick recap of his ideas.

Being followed means that:

  • You’re just popular, kind of like having tons of friends on Myspace.
  • You might be using it as a media source, ex: Newspaper, magazine, or website.
  • You just want attention.
On the flipside, following people tells us that you are genuinely trying to learn more, become a better listener, and that you are trying to connect with the rest of the world. Let’s get out of the popularity mindset, and start using Twitter to its full advantage in the enterprise by maximizing its collaboration potential.

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