Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mash Ups in the Enterprise: Serena Software making them happen

As we all know, Serena Software is one of the leaders when it comes to pushing out Enterprise 2.0 capabilities into the world.

Serena Software’s latest venture, according to EWeek, is that they are now releasing software with Creative Commons. This nonprofit organization’s aim is to push software out into the work place and having it open source so everyone can modify it to the different needs of the company. Their standpoint is that as long as the software is reworked, the original still has value and is worth the same amount of money. All of this between the two companies free of cost. They hope to set up an online community that encourages people to share their solutions to the problems in their business.

Serena Software wants to see innovation throughout a company, and this is why their mashups are free and open to anyone who wants to use or modify them. This cuts out time on the IT side, and users can modify the software to do exactly what they need. This way, productivity can be increased as well since the models can be adapted by the users and there is no middle man creating the product. Serena software looks to release 20 mashups with in the next two months. And after innovation happens from users modifying the software, who knows how many mashups those will turn into.

Many companies have already seen success with mashups. In this Business Week article, Société Générale shares that the use of mashups in their business has helped the time gap between California and France.

So, in mid-October, he brought in software company ActiveGrid, which added a host of tools, from Yahoo! (YHOO) news feeds to Google (GOOG) Maps to AltaVista's Babel Fish for on-the-fly English-French translation. Best of all, the upgrade took all of three days, compared with the three months it took to build the application at the outset. "It's all the applications I need, but simplified," Hababou says.

Société Générale as well as other organizations (E*Trade, Siemens, JDS Uniphase, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Realogy) have taken advantage of these mashups are quickly built and inexpensive.

Are you willing to share the mashups that are developed in your company? Or have you had a mashup that’s had great influence on your company? If so, what were they?


Christopher Keene said...

You are right - mashups are starting to democratize development in the enterprise. New tools are accelerating that process.

ActiveGrid has been renamed WaveMaker Software. We relaunched in November with an open-source framework for visual assembly of Web 2.0 applications. You can download WaveMaker here

Jennifer said...

Christopher --

Thanks for taking time to share your comments with us.

Do you think that these tools are going to affect the way businesses compete? Since all businesses have access to the same mashups, how will they continue to stay ahead of the game?