Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dishonest Enterprise Solution Sales: How Do We Stop it?

There are so many enterprise solutions out there, so what truly differentiates one application from another. Many enterprise solution sales people take advantage of unsuspecting (sometimes first-time) enterprise buyers due to their inexperience.

Here’s a great article to help prepare you for those pesky sales people. I came across this post by Michael Krigsman on ZdNet that highlights seven common lies told by enterprise solution salespeople drawn by Doug Mitchell on his free download, Confessions Of An Ex-Enterprise Salesperson: What I Really Meant When I Said.

I have heard all of these lies before, but “Lie 2. My solution does not require much of your company’s IT resources” is one of my personal favorites. It is almost impossible for enterprise solutions to perform the way it should due to restrictions and roadblocks put up by IT departments. According to Michael, the key question to ask the salesperson is What are you prepared to do when we DO encounter problems due to IT dept. A good enterprise solution salesman with a reputable application will be prepared for this question.

Read over this list before your company decides to switch its enterprise app. Buy carefully…


Doug said...

Thanks for posting the Krigsman piece on my e-book. I appreciate it and hope it helps save people time and money.

Doug said...

As the author of the piece that Krigsman reviewed, I can say that most Enterprise Salespeople are hamstrung by their application. Since these types of apps are SOLD and NOT BOUGHT...there's no getting around the fact that "the truth must be framed in a way that closes the deal and gets a paycheck".

What's best for the customer is often NOT software at all, rather a comprehensive examination/revision of processes and people in those processes. But that takes time and is much less glamorous :)