Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Latest on Google: Search Engine Share and Google SpreadSheets

The latest news on search engine market share came out yesterday. According to CNet and E Week Google’s market share dropped from 63.1% to 62.8%. With all the news surrounding the Microsoft trying to buy Yahoo!, their search engine share still dropped from 11.9% to 12.2%. However, overall world searching did drop from 71.9 billion searches in January to 67.4 billion searches in February.

Also, according to CNet, Google has also announced it’s latest improvements to its suite of software. Gadgets have been added to the spreadsheet application, giving the user over twelve new ways to see data laid out on a spreadsheet. New views are available in a variety of tables and charts, from pie charts to heat maps for population. Also new to the applications is that users can be emailed each time someone else has modified the spreadsheet. Then the changes are highlighted when you log on to your spread sheet. Another neat feature is that users can now access stock data through the spreadsheet through a Finance function.

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