Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wire-Frames and Collaboration

Does effective communication between design teams come easy in your organization? Quite often design teams are faced with the dilemma of scrapping projects that they have been working on for weeks. This can be directly accounted for by lack of communication during the initial stages between teams. Oscar Berg’s explains how wire-frames can often by misused in his latest post on the Content Economy.

I wholeheartedly agree with Oscar, wire-frames applications have often been used by in-house design teams internally, without external involvement. What does this lead to? More money wasted, more time wasted, more energy wasted, and added frustration. If feedback was given at the beginning stages of design development, it would reduce the time it takes to successfully complete a project.

So the next time your design team decides to start its design project from scratch, think of the reasons WHY. Wire-frames should be used as a collaboration tool between all teams within the enterprise.

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