Monday, April 14, 2008

Could New Firewalls Be the Answer For the Enterprise?

The name on this great article from the NY Times just caught my attention this morning... Enterprise 2.0: A Computer Security Nightmare?” We all know that IT departments are not huge fans of enterprise 2.0 technology because of hassle it creates for them, since most of the time they are trying to restrict access completely.

What’s interesting in this article is the research done by Palo Alto Networks. Most employees are still able to bypass security firewalls and access file-sharing applications like eMule and BitTorrent. The current firewalls put into place are not effective enough to stop this from happening.

So what’s the answer for this? No it’s not a complete crackdown on all internet applications, but a better monitoring system where organizations can filter out specific characteristics of applications that they do not want employees to have access to. I’m talking about a new breed and approach to firewalls. After all, we don’t want to block out enterprise 2.0 applications; it’s a great tool for collaboration and innovation. Companies want to be able to use these apps without fear of a security meltdown.

As security becomes a growing concern for organizations, we will see an abundance of new security firewalls being put into place. Enterprise 2.0 technology is here to stay; companies will simply have to start investing in new security controls to make sure that corporate networks are safe…

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Anonymous said...

We already have Web 2.0 ready firewall/security appliance.

We do Layer 7 filtering, blocking of all downloads unless from an acceptable (read whitelisted) source, we do javascript filtering (no cryptic iframes get through us even encoded). We feel that if it walks like a duck, it is a duck.

We prevent users from hurting themselves.

We also filter XSS in the URL quite effectively.