Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is too much content a bad thing?

As we all see on the internet, everything posted is for the taking. In an article at ReadWrite Web, they point out how the information posted on blogs has become subject to much the same problems. Same goes for the content you are posting on your enterprise's websites. How are you supposed to keep the value of the content high if everyone else uses your content?

Once your blog with your intellectual information is posted on the internet, control over your content is lost. You officially have no control over it. This may be a good thing because a brilliant idea can spread like wildfire. However, many times that represents the chance for someone else to take the content and conversation from your blog and use it on theirs. This provides for a great opportunity to collaborate all over the internet. Although someone is borrowing your information, more people see it so more people could come up different solutions for your enterprise problems.

As we all learned in economics, once there is an abundance of something, the value dramatically drops. So how are you going to add value to the content you are posting for your enterprise?

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