Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Web Collaboration Will Become More Important

Those entities who organize workflow intelligently around combining enterprise collaboration with their legacy enterprise class systems will thrive.

Oliver Marks, in a recent post at ZD Net discusses the upcoming importance of the use of Enterprise 2.0 tools. As everyone knows, the cost of travel is becoming significantly larger, and companies who understand and can adapt to the new era of Web 2.0 tools will be those who ultimately succeed.

VOIP, video conferencing, and virtual environments can all become the new way to have business meetings. These tools take far less time and don’t cost as much money to facilitate one place where all the important individuals who need to talk about a project can gather. No money is spent on extra transportation, and the time to arrive at the expected spot is minimal compared to plane rides and commutes.

As we see the cost of living and doing business go up in America, it’ll be important for collaboration to become a central part of the company. Those businesses who find out how to use these enterprise 2.0 tools first will succeed faster.

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