Monday, May 5, 2008

Implementing Wikis can be Difficult

In a recent blog at CMS Wire, they discuss a new report released by J Boyle called Wiki in the Enterprise: A challenging new way of working.

This report focuses on the best way for a company to implement a wiki system into their enterprise. With information spread out across so many sources including multiple applications, computers and with individual employees themselves; it’s vital to bring all of this information together into one central location. A wiki can be used to funnel all of this information into one spot, easily accessible and searchable. The report found these the reasons that companies implemented wikis into their organization:

  • Developing ownership of information
  • Share knowledge locked inside the head of the “experts”
  • Easy way to share and find information
  • Store information that is asked often
  • Cheaper to train to use then, say, an enterprise content management system
  • Cheaper than a CMS

As the report shows, many times, companies set out with good intentions, but fail to realize some of the best practices. Many companies have difficulties adjusting to an open system, leaving them puzzled as to how best implement this system where everything is collaboratively collected into one location.

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