Thursday, July 24, 2008

Facebook Connect and Corporate Websites

This post by Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst from Forrester Research, showcased some interesting views on potential avenues for Facebook Connect in the corporate world. Facebook Connect is similar to OpenID in that it allows visitors to third party websites to login with their Facebook ID like a “Passport” system. It will also give third party websites the ability to embed some code onto your website, and provide users with the opportunity to share their activities on their newsfeed. What makes this an interesting application to watch, as the article points out:

“Facebook Connect will allow corporate websites to allow users to authenticate, interact, and share with their Facebook network – all without leaving the corporate website. Boring, static corporate websites can now become social”

It will be interesting to see how many corporations adopt use of this tool to improve social interactions within their own company. Would you consider this an appropriate stepping stone for Facebook?

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