Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sequioa looks to the clouds for the enterprise

Sequioa Capital recently made a $5.6 million series of investments in Appirio, a SAAS distributor, as detailed here at ZD Net. Sequioa is already known for its early moving ways, as they have already previously invested in Google, Yahoo!, and YouTube. Now, they’re proving to be an early mover on the cloud computing in the enterprise.

Their new investment in Appirio will add the following to their arsenal of advanced computer practices:

  • A strong focus on Google Apps projects alongside
  • Specialization in ’serverless’ (ie cloud-to-cloud) projects (more on that below, plus a controversial prediction on Exchange)
  • Its combination of ‘trusted advisor’ professional services with productized on-demand services

Appirio also brings along over 60 enterprise customers and an additional 1,100 already using their enterprise products.

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