Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Social Networking: Is the Enterprise Truly Ready?

Nowadays, we constantly hear praise about how social networking can boost productivity and collaboration within an organization, but Barb Moshe gives another perspective in his latest post on CMS Wire.

Barb points out that most employees still do not truly understand what Enterprise 2.0 really is. Most employees view social networking simply as “cool technology”, but they are still confused on how business value can be derived from social software. Towards the end of his post he mentions, “Organizations do recognize that they need some way to share knowledge internally.” Even though companies understand this need, they are still hesitant before venturing into adopting web 2.0 apps. So I ask again, is the enterprise truly ready?


Konnects said...

Enterprise is ready for web 2.0. it all depends on the certain application companies use. At Konnects our site is built for all sorts of business.

Thiago said...

Thanks for the comment! Keep us updated on future ventures Konnects has in store for the enterprise.