Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The current challenges of enterprise 2.0

In a recent article at Read Write Web, they take a look at the current structure of the enterprise and how Web 2.0 components are going to affect the way it runs. The most interesting part to me was the challenges the current enterprise is facing due to their rigid structures and working for decades in the same fashion.

The current challenges according to Bernard Lunn are:

- Demographic time bomb of retiring baby boomers – Now that this generation has mastered the way the enterprise works, they don’t want to change their ways. There will also be decades of lost information if their knowledge isn’t captured before they retire.

- The difficulty of bringing in Gen Y – This generation has grown up with social media, and they don’t want to conform to the rigid power structures that are given by the enterprises.

- Enterprises are all about security, structure and control – With the incoming revolution of social media, we’re seeing two completely different mentalities. As this type of structure hits the enterprise, we’ll see it make waves as the enterprise tries to adjust to this new social concept.

- Figuring out what is core and non-core is hard – With all of the new components moving into the enterprise, when current careers tend to see that most things are done in house.

Did Lunn leave out any of the challenges your company is currently facing?

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