Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Symantec Virtual Desktop

In the latest product offering from Symantec they unveiled what they are currently calling the virtual desktop. While no official name has been given, this should prove to be an interesting addition to the world of enterprise 2.0. As described in this article from, it is a new

“platform that allows enterprise users to take their personal business desktop, all the applications they use, and all their stored data with them wherever they go.”

In an example provided by the article, if you were to sign in to a kiosk on one, floor, than later signed in on another, the platform would pick up exactly where you left of down to the keystroke. Furthermore, as the article states:

“This is different from a conventional virtual desktop because the resources are aggregated from several different locales, regardless of geography. Local applications already in use on the connected workstation or laptop can also be utilized, thanks to separate layers of virtualization software.”

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