Friday, August 8, 2008

ESME: Twitter for the Enterprise

Here is a video preview of a new tool for enterprise 2.0. Called ESME (Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment) it is similar to twitter but for SAP’s ‘Netweaver’ SOA. As this article explains it:

“is essentially a behind the firewall version of Twitter, designed to run on top of Netweaver. In some ways ESME is more advanced than Twitter since it features user groups and tag clouds, enabling project based contextual messaging.”

In a review from ZDNet they say:

“In the meantime the community around ESME should be congratulated for pushing the envelope. This is a valuable differentiator for the enterprise focused, which is helpful in cutting out some of the Twitter inanity and focusing on powerful business case uses of social networking.”

Below is a demo video of ESME:

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