Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Players Involved in the Enterprise and Web 2.0

I came across this interesting article in the Social Computing magazine on defining various aspects of Web 2.0 and relationships to organizations. Author Susan Scrupski, in conjunction with Jevon MacDonald, have come up with a chart, shown below depicting various individuals roles and their relationship with Web 2.0 and the enterprise.

They continue their explanation beyond this chart and have provided the definitions below on how they view these four interwoven areas:

Digital Marketers: These are the good folks who track what you're searching for and buying on the web. They create digital brand extensions of leading brands and develop imaginative ways to capture your attention online.

Social Media: This group comprises a vast group of players who are exclusively focused on how communications in the interconnected social web impacts influence. Predominantly, the people involved with monitoring social media are involved in marketing communications.

Enterprise 2.0: Within the Enterprise 2.0 area of expertise, whether it's behind the firewall or out on the open Internet, this core area specializes exclusively on delivering a business value via 2.0 technologies.

Mass collaboration: This group is more symbolic of a new way of thinking about collaboration than any specific 2.0 tool. The notion of reaching outside of your boundary (whatever it is) to co-create innovative solutions is key here.

What are your thoughts on their definitions? What are the points that agree or disagree with?

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