Thursday, August 7, 2008

GE Understands Enterprise 2.0

Support Central is the heart of GE’s global business. It is available in 20 languages, has 25 million hits a day, supports over 50,000 communities and over 100,000 experts are on the site daily to manage information and answer questions. Oliver Marks takes an in depth look at their system and how it works in a recent post on Collaboration 2.0.

Using the new tools for Enterprise 2.0, GE has created a way to digitize their documents and internal processes. The complete system is protected by a firewall, but there is 30,000 external users who can log on to the site and access the Support Central system. GE hosts its own internal cloud to support this impressive enterprise system. In addition to all of the processes available to GE throughout the world, they also offer a way to make mashups at the click of a button and a professional networking system that provides a way to instantly find the experts. Also in the works is a program to collaborate on online shared documents.

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