Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Enterprise 2.0: Where do we stand?

A very common question posed in the business realm, but do we really know the answer? I came across this post on ReadWriteWeb and it summarizes eight attributes that enterprise software champions generally have now. Are we 100% there yet in terms of functionality and collaboration? No, we’re not, but we certainly are getting there. Here’s the list:

  1. Software vendors now have monthly subscription fees instead of the dreaded annual contract. This means that the vendor must be good in order for the client to stay subscribed.
  2. Adoption is by choice, and it is not set in stone by corporate policies. The software must be beneficial in order for it to get traction.
  3. Software is usable within 30 minutes without looking at a manual.
  4. SaaS is hosted, vendors don’t have to worry about the different platforms forced by IT department and can instead focus on R&D.
  5. Enabling secure communication across firewalls.
  6. Compatible with current modules and products.
  7. Having beta models, for early experimentation.
  8. Fun, relaxed environment.

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