Monday, June 23, 2008

Yahoo Still Feeling Shockwaves of Microsoft’s Bid

As we reported on May 6, Microsoft officially withdrew its bid to buy Yahoo!. The event that shocked the industry gave Yahoo credit for being brave enough to stand up to the software giant. Now, Yahoo! is seeing the repercussions of Microsoft pulling out of the deal. Over the past week, many of the top executives have quit Yahoo, such as Qi Lu, Brad Garlinghouse, Vish Makhijani, and executive vice presidents Jeff Weiner and Usama Fayyad, according to this article here at the New York Times Bits blog. The majority of these executive workers are leaving the sector of Yahoo that builds services for its users. How is Yahoo going to continue to show that they are going to consistently provide for their users? Microsoft may get their wish of being second in internet advertising after all, with a price tag much less than their original offer.

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