Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is Sharepoint the end of portal innovation?

Today, at Intelligent Enterprise, Shawn Shell wrote an article pondering the future of portals. As he currently sees it, SharePoint seems to have stopped all conversation when it comes to evolving portals.

SharePoint is taking the E2.0 world by storm, and the software does have 1 million seat licenses, as well as $1 billion in sales. The software is also used by business giants Accenture, Ford, and DelMonte. Although SharePoint still has its weaknesses (record management, digital assessment, and search requires add-ons to be worthy of use). This has all caused a slow down in the expansion of other portals being developed by other enterprises.

Shawn Shell believes that this is just a pause in development of portal history, and they history is not over. What do you think?

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