Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hershey adopts Enterprise 2.0

In a recent article at E Week, Clint Boulton reveals Hershey’s plan to adopt the tools of Enterprise 2.0. Simon Revell, who was the mastermind behind setting up a social networking system at Pfizer, has now moved on to implement a system at the Hershey headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Here, he’s developing the HCAR Knowledge mesh system. It’s main goal is to develop a social network for scientists. Officials are hoping to see this network facilitate research.

There are two specific goals that Laura Butcher, the executive director of HCAR, hopes to see two things come out of this experiment:

  1. To create and improve interactions between industry, academia, government, venture capitalists, the work force and IP attorneys
  2. The tool will position the center for growth

The system will include wikis sectioned for the different departments, a social networking tool designed like LinkedIn, and a system that will incorporate blogs and tags into search capabilities.

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