Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Web 2.0 could lead to Fuel Efficient Corporations

In a recent post by by Bob Larrivee of AIIM, he addresses what Web 2.0 to aid corporations with the current fuel and energy cost crisis. The current cost of fuel is an average of $4.02 a gallon (Source: CNN), and companies are seeing results of increasing power everywhere. Larrivee points out that this could be a big incentive for companies to finally learn to utilize Web 2.0 technologies to their advantage, aiding both their workers who pay to commute, and their companies, who are paying for the power to fuel their companies.

Over the years, many stay-at-home workers have adopted Web 2.0 tools. Now, with increasing energy prices, companies may see it beneficial for their employees to work at home with tools that allow all employees to access each other and the information they need 24/7 in the digital realm. It would involve some adjusting from companies policy, along with strong changes in policies, work procedures, business process management, and enterprise content management.

But having these employees work from home not only helps aid the current expense to fuel the enterprise, but could result in more productivity, flexibility and innovation from the employees. They’d be able to collaborate at any time online, and wouldn’t have to pay for the fuel costs to drive into work.

Do you think there will be an increase of Web 2.0 due to the current energy price increase?

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