Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How do you define Enterprise 2.0?

In a new study released by content management association AIIM, it is detailed here at destinationCRM. AIIM reports that 74% of organizations have a vague familiarity of what enterprise 2.0 is. Although it is a buzz term, there was no consistent definition as to what Enterprise 2.0 was.

AIIM defines Enterprise 2.0 as:

A system of Web-based technologies that provide rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, emergence, and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise.

However, this study, along with other, has noticed that there is a transition from wondering what enterprise 2.0 is to how to use enterprise 2.0. The report also states that Enterprise 2.0 is clearly still in its early adoption stage. Many companies are perplexed as to how to deliver these technologies, but would like to being to use them to increase collaboration within their company.

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